In this section, you may find new materials that have been published on the topic of ” The Land-Water-Energy nexus “, since the date of the event. We continually select major new publications and articles that add up to the policy points discussed in this briefing.

Connecting the SDGs through resilient water management; July 2019

The 2030 Agenda is a complex and intertwined framework with a diverse set of goals and targets. One trait that is common to most of the SDGs’ goals and targets, is their dependence upon sustainable water resources. Sustainable water resources form the basis of a resilient, thriving society. We will not deliver on the 2030 Agenda without con­sidering and enhancing the role that water can play in achieving the SDGs. Water is the blue thread that can connect and lend coherence to the 2030 Agenda and serve as a link also to other global processes such as the Paris Agreement.