In this section, you may find new materials that have been published on the topic of  “The next generation of farmers: successes and new opportunities”, since the date of the event. We continually select major new publications and articles that add up to the policy points discussed in this briefing.

Priority Areas for Action and Key Recommendations of the Task Force Rural Africa
18/12/2018, TFRA

The EU Commission established the Task Force Rural Africa to advise on how best to contribute to sustainable development and job creation in Africa’s agriculture and food sectors and rural economy. It was asked to focus on better coordination of existing initiatives, on boosting investments, sharing knowledge, prioritizing policy and regulatory reforms, and strategies to support youth. The Task Force now presents its key areas for action and recommendations, situating them in the context of the new Africa-Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs which aims to deepen the EU’s economic and trade partnership with Africa through investment and job creation