Promoting sustainable agriculture and trade for inclusive growth

Addressing inequalities through private sector development and investment 

High-Level Panel: 19 June, 14:30-16:00 Room A1

Promoting innovative sustainable agricultural business models in developing countries, and in Africa in particular, can strengthen national and regional economic development and contribute to the implementation of 2030 Agenda. Sustainable impact investments in food production and trade can create decent jobs through new transformative partnerships. The potential of trade and business cooperation is key to support the development of agri-food enterprises and fully maximise trade and enhancing new markets in regional and global value chains. Inclusive and remunerative business models which address the inequality factors across the value chains need to be shared and upscaled. New skills development able to match the market needs in value-addition products, blending facilities and innovative finance solutions to scale up are needed.

The high-level panel will address the inequality factor which needs to be addressed to promote inclusive agriculture and trade growth and the smart policies and investments needed to expand trade in a way which benefits local economies and the value chain actors in developing countries.

Key areas which will be discussed at the High-Level Panel will include:

  • Understanding the main drivers of inequality in our food system
  • Highlighting successes in trade able to promote greater inclusiveness
  • Promoting financial inclusion benefiting the producers, SMEs and value chain actors in developing countries
  • Recommending concrete actions to address the most pressing inequalities along the chain which inform policy and practice.

The findings from the report of the Task Force for Rural Africa (TFRA), the yearly Africa Agriculture Trade Monitor (AATM) by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), CTA, BMZ and GIZ will feed the debate.



Michael HAILU
Director, CTA


 Patrick GOMES
Secretary General, ACP Secretariat

Leonard MIZZI
 Head of Unit, Rural Development, Food Security, Nutrition at Europeaid, European commission

Isabelle DURANT
Deputy Secretary General, UNCTAD

Zhi Yong HENG
Principal/Head of Trade Finance & Special Situations Group, TLG Capital

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mooto Cashew Suppliers Ltd, Zambia

– Concepción BLANCO
Head of Sustainable Finance Solutions, Microfinance Foundation of the BBVA Bank

Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI



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