European Development Days 2017: Brussels 07-08 June

European Development Days 2017

Tour et Taxis (Brussels): 07-08 June, 2017

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On 07-08 June, CTA collaborated with various international organisations on five events at The European Development Days 2017 in Brussels. Topics  discussed at the events included: promoting inclusive trade in Africa, youth in agribusiness. Please follow the links below for further information.


Highlights Day 1 | Highlights Day 2

Wednesday 7th June 

“Boosting Investment for ACP Inclusive Trade and Development”

Harnessing investment opportunities to empower ACPs as the world’s next emerging economy
Room S1: June 07,  15:15 to 16:30 | Theme: Sustainable Investment
Organizers: ACP-EU TBT Programme and ACP-EU TradecomII, CTA

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“Youth in agribusiness: Promoting job creation in Africa

Leveraging Investment and innovations for Africa’s youth and sustainable economic growth
Room D2: 07 June, 14:00 to 15:55 | Theme: Sustainable Investment
Organizers: ACP Secretariat, CEMA, African Development Bank, African Agribusiness Incubation Network,  Pan African Farmers Organization , CTA

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“Innovative agriculture for next generation farms

Sparking youth interest in technology-driven agriculture and achieving food security
Room D7:  07 June, 18:00 to 19:30 | Theme: Partnering with the private sector
Organizers: OCP Group, EU- Africa Business Forum

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Thursday 8th June 


“Investing in Women Entrepreneurs

Enabling women’s economic participation for sustainable growth and rural development
Room D3: 08 June, 10:45 to 12:00 Theme: Gender equality/Women empowerment
Organizers: Pan African Farmers Organization, Agricord, CTA

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“Promoting inclusive trade in Africa

Boosting cross border trade through simplified trade regimes: Supporting local businesses to address the informal economy in Africa
Room D3: 08 June, 15:15 to 16:30 | Theme: Trade and fair globalisation
Organizers: CTA, ACP-EU TradeCom II Programme and ACP-EU TBT Programme

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