The last Brussels Development Briefing on “Fighting against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing (IUU): Successes from ACP countries” took place Monday, 27 October 2014 (8h45-13h00) at the ACP Secretariat in Brussels (451 Avenue Georges Henri, room C).

IUU is a major challenge and concern for ACP countries, a number of which have faced sanctions under the EU’s IUU Regulation.

The Briefing focused on the successful cooperation, engagement and initiatives undertaken by a number of ACP countries with key partners, notably the European Commission, in order to combat IUU and regain market access for their fisheries products into the EU market.

This Briefing was meant to be a follow-up to the 2009 Briefing organised by CTA on “Fighting against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing: Impacts and challenges for ACP countries” in order to measure the progress achieved in fighting IUU.

The speakers, who included high-level IUU experts, policy makers and industry representatives from ACP and EU, NGO’s and academia, presented the developments and successes on combating IUU.

Extra materials:

Below you will find the programme of the event, photos, the presentations of the speakers, as well as other useful information:

Programme and Background Note 
Biodata of the speakers
Resources: Sources on IUU; Glossary and Acronyms on IUU; Websites on IUU

Presentation and videos:

Introduction and Opening of the Briefing: Isolina Boto, Manager, CTA Brussels Office [video]
Introductory remarksHon. Alhaji Muhammad Mumuni, Secretary General, ACP Secretariat [video]; Cesar Deben, Principal Adviser, DG Mare, European Commission [video]; Michael Hailu, Director CTA [video]

Panel 1: What do we know about IUU fishing in ACP countries?

This panel will review the situation in fighting IUU in ACP regions, progress done and challenges ahead. It will provide an update of the implementation of the EC legislation on IUU

Chair: H.E. Mr. Roy Mickey Joy, Ambassador of Vanuatu [video]

  • Global trends in Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing: what do we know?
    Professor Martin Tsamenyi,Professor of Law, Director, The Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS), University of Wollongong [Video|Presentation|Summary]
  • Update on the implementation of the EU Regulation to prevent, deter and eliminate IUU fishing
    Cesar Deben, Principal Adviser, DG for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission [Video]
  • Overview of IUU fishing in Africa: trends, successes and challenges ahead
    Emmanuel Kaunda, Professor & Deputy Vice Chancellor, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), Bunda Campus Malawi [Video|Presentation|Summary]
  • Scope of IUU fishing in the Caribbean
    Milton Haughton, Executive Director, Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism [Video|Presentation|Summary]
  • Overview of the IUU fishing in the Pacific: policy, legislation and practice
    Moses Amos, Director of Fisheries, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) [Video|Presentation|Summary]

Questions and Answers, panel 1.

Panel 2: Successes in fighting IUU from ACP countries

Successful experiences will be shared from ACP countries on complying with the EC Regulation to prevent, deter and eliminate IUU and regain market access. The drivers of success will be discussed and lessons learned for other countries facing the same challenges.

Chair: H.E. Mr. Hanno Rumpf, Ambassador of Namibia, Chair of the ACP Working Group on Fisheries [video]

  •  Successes in fighting IUU Fishing: the case of Fiji
    Inoke Udolu Wainiqolo, Permanent Secretary for Fisheries, Government of Fiji [Video|Presentation|Summary]
  • Successes in fighting IUU Fishing: the case of Belize
    Robert Robinson, Deputy Director, Belize High Seas Fisheries Unit, Ministry of Finance [Video|Presentation|Summary]
  • The case of Ghana: sharing challenges in implementing the legislation to combat IUU fishing
    Professor Martin Tsamenyi, Director, ANCORS [Video|Presentation|Summary]
  • Efforts of Guinea in fighting IUU fishing
    Aliou Diallo, Minister-Counsellor, Embassy of Guinea [Video|Presentation|Summary]
  •  Successes in fighting IUU: the perspective form the civil society
    Olivier Laboulle, West Africa Project Coordinator, Environmental Justice Foundation, UK  [Video|Presentation|Summary]

Questions and Answers, panel 2.

Webstreaming : Watch the Brussels Briefing live here.

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