As part of the decentralisation of the Brussels Development Briefings and support to most vulnerable countries, Haiti held the 5th national Briefing on “Value chains finance, an opportunity for the economic development of Haiti” at Port-au-Prince, on Thursday 27 February 2014.
Thomas Jacques, the Minister of Agriculture and Raphaël Brigandi, Political Affairs & Communications Manager for the European Union Delegation was present to celebrate the first anniversary of the Briefings in Haiti. Lamon Rutten, Manager of Policies, Value Chains and ICTs spoke for CTA through video. The first national Briefing on “Building resilience in the face of crisis and shocks” was held on 27 February 2013. The three following Briefings were held in July, September and December of the same year.
This fifth briefing was linked to the last Brussels Development Briefing on “Revolutionising finance for agri-value chains”, that was held on Wednesday 5 March 2014  ( and to the CTA and AFRACA conference on the same subject, which will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, later this year.
The national briefings include themes from the Brussels Development Briefings, which are of interest to Haiti. They look into a specific theme from a national perspective and create awareness about questions linked to agriculture in Haiti.
They are fully organized at the local level, by PROMODEV, the Ministry of Agriculture and other development partners. Farmer’s organizations from various regions of the country are represented in the discussion, and a special emphasis is put on involving the media in the discussions as a way to inform them on key priorities for rural development.
Visit and for more information. Download the programme here.

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