How do European governments support Fair Trade schemes? Samuel Poos from the Belgian Technical Cooperation introduces the ‘Fair Trade Centre’ programme.

(video in French)

The ‘Fair Trade Centre’ Programme has four main components:

  1. The Fair Trade week: From 1 until 11 October, the Fair Trade Week takes places in Belgium. It aims to increase awareness about Fair Trade amongst Belgian consumers, and wants to encourage them to purchase Fair Trade products. Through innovative campaingning, such as Fair Trade songs or a Fair Trade Award, passive consumers are stimulated to become active and to make the fair choice.

  2. Financial support to producers: The Fair Trade Centre also supports Fair Trade producers to gain market access and to commercialize their products. Currently, 23 projects range from company matching between producers and importers and the creation of new Tair Trade products to training or the participation at Trade Fairs.

  3. Fair Trade Observatory: On the Befair web site, the ‘Fair Trade Centre’ gathers and analyzes information on Fair Trade in Belgium, disseminating it via the web site and newsletters.

  4. Forum: The ‘Fair Trade Centre’ also serves as a forum between Belgian Fair Trade organisations, bringing the relevant actors together.

Links: presentation, video interview, executive summary, Fair Trade Centre newsletter

See more from the 16 April meeting

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