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Strengthening rural livelihoods in the face of rapid urbanisation in Africa

(No. 48 | 20 March 2017) This Briefing looks at the potential of closer rural-urban linkages for rural transformation and job creation, and suggests ways to create opportunities for rural youth in transforming food systems.

 – Regional Trade in Africa: Drivers, Trends and Opportunities

(No. 47 | 3 February 2017) This Briefing provides an overview of the main trends in inter and intra-regional trade in Africa and the main drivers of success. It also looked at specific examples of successes in the implementation of regional trade agreements and will bring various perspectives, including the private sector.

–  Promoting responsible and sustainable sourcing through Fair Trade 

(No. 44 | 22 June 2016) This Briefing provides an overview of sustainable sourcing from a development perspective and the positioning of Fair Trade. It also considered specific examples of successful businesses and PPPs in support of sustainable sourcing.

Emerging donors & rising powers

(No 43 | 27 October 2015) International experts and policy makers at this Briefing review the key challenges and opportunities in South-South cooperation in agriculture and the lessons learned from research and practice. They also look at examples of successes in South-South and triangular partnerships across the ACP.

 Building resilience of SIDS through trade and agribusiness development

(No 37 | 11 July 2014)

Revolutionising finance for agri-value chains

(No 35 | 5 March 2014)

Geographical Indications: Linking food, geography and people

(No 31 | 15 May 2013)

Major drivers for rural transformation in Africa

(No 24 | 14 September 2011)

Financing Rural Development

(No 20 | 15 September 2010)

–  Youth and Rural Development

(No 19 | 16 June 2010)

Biodiversity and Rural development in ACP countries

(No 17 | 10 March 2010)

Population growth and its implications for ACP rural development

(No 16 |27 January 2010)

ACP Agricultural and Rural Development: why Media matters?

(No 14 | 12 October 2009)

Meeting Food Safety Standards: Implications for ACP agricultural exports

(No 11 | 11 May 2009)

Land access and rural development: New challenges, new opportunities

(No 9 | 25 February 2009)

How does international migration affect ACP rural development?

(No 8 | 11 December 2008)

– New drivers, new players in ACP rural development

(No 6 | 2 July 2008)

Does Fair Trade contribute to sustainable development?

(No 5 | 16 April 2008)

– Can aid fix trade? The new Aid for Trade agenda

(No 3 | 5 December 2007)

– Challenges to rural development in ACP countries

(No. 1 | 4 July 2007)

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