On 17 October 2007, CTA and other partners organised the second ‘Brussels Development Briefing’ – part of a series of discussion meetings on ACP-EU development issues. This briefing focused on ‘Advancing African Agriculture‘.

New! on the subject of ‘Advancing African Agriculture’

Background note

Key documents and organisations

Biodata of panelists and discussants

Report of the meeting

Video material

Video interviews

Welcome remarks

Sir John Kaputin, ACP Secretariat [speech]; Dr. Hansjörg Neun, CTA

Lluis Riera, European Commission: Background to and main lines of the EC Communication on “Advancing African Agriculture”

Panel 1: What is needed to advance African Agriculture?

ChairPhilip Mikos, DG Development, European Commission

James Tefft, FAO [executive summary|presentation]
Steve Wiggins, ODI [executive summary|presentation]
Ides DeWillebois, IFAD [executive summary|presentation]
– Martin Bwalya, NEPAD/CAADP [executive summary|presentation]
Gerhard Schmalbruch, Concord [executive summary]
Angel Elias Daka, COMESA [executive summary|presentation]

Panel 2: The way forward: How to implement the AAA proposals?

ChairH.E. Mrs Maria Manuela Dos Santos Luca, Ambassador of Mozambique [video interview]

Mohamed Béavogui, IFAD [executive summary|presentation]
John Okidi, IFPRI [executive summary|presentation]
Denis Kyetere, FARA [executive summary|presentation]
Philip Kiriro, EAFF [executive summary|presentation]
Hansjörg Neun, CTA

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