On February 22nd 2012, CTA organised a Briefing on “New challenges and opportunities for pastoralism in ACP countries” with the African Union Commission, the European Commission (DG DEVCO) the ACP Secretariat, Concord and various media partners.

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Biodata of speakers



CTA Policy brief: Protecting and promoting pastoralism in Africa

Videos of the Briefing

Introductory remarks
Abebe Haile Gabriel, Director of Rural Economy and Agriculture, African Union Commission; Francesca Mosca, Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, European Commission; Michael Hailu, Director of CTA

Panel 1: Challenges and opportunities for pastoralists in ACP countries
This panel will provide an overview of the main challenges affecting the pastoralists especially in ACP countries and the opportunities provided by policy frameworks and processes.

Chair: H.E. M. Kembi-Gitura, Ambassador of Kenya

– Is there a future for pastoralism?
Jeremy Swift, Pastoral development specialist, formerly Professor, IDS, University of Sussex [Presentation|Executive Summary]

– Policy Framework in support of Pastoralism in Africa
Abebe Haile Gabriel, Director of Rural Economy and Agriculture, African Union [Presentation|Executive Summary]

– Legislating for pastoralism: lessons from West Africa and the ECOWAS transhumant certificate
Boureima Dodo, Permanent Secretary, Bilital Maroobe, West African network [Presentation]

– What can we learn from policies and practices of pastoralism in Europe
Jean-Michel Courades, Leader Programme, DG Agriculture, European Commission [Presentation 1 , 2 , 3]

Panel 2: A better future for pastoralists: lessons learned and actions needed
This panel focused on sharing good practices and experiences from the field across regions. It also identified what urgent and concrete policy actions need to be in place to support pastoralism.

Chair: Michael Hailu, Director of CTA

– Options for enhancing resilience in pastoral systems
Shirley Tarawali, Director of Institutional Planning, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) [Presentation|Executive Summary]

– Improving market access and the opportunities in the regional market: the case of dairy products Maryam Abeiderrahmane,CEO, Tiviski Dairy, Mauritania [Executive Summary|Presentation|Video]

– Adaptation and mitigation to Climate change and coping mechanisms from pastoralists
Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Coordinator of Bororo nomadic peoples association, Chad [Presentation|Executive Summary|Video]

– Pastoral field schools and proximity learning in a climate change perspective
Joep Van Mierlo, Director, Vétérinaires sans Frontières, Belgium [Presentation|Executive Summary|Video]

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