On April 13th 2011, the CTA organized a Brussels Briefing on “The Water we eat” in cooperation with DG DEVCO of the European Commission, the ACP Secretariat, Concord and other partners.

New! on the subject of ‘Water Scarcity in Developing Countries’





List of participants

Biodata of the speakers

CTA Policy BriefThe water we eat – tackling scarcity in ACP countries

List of selected resources


Introductory remarks
Isolina Boto, Head of the CTA Brussels Office [Video]; Michael Hailu, Director CTA  [Video]

H.E. Kembi-Gitura, Ambassador of Kenya, Chair, ACP Sub-committee on Sustainable Development 

Panel 1The water challenge for agriculture and food security


– Enough water for enough food: Trends and prospects in water management for agriculture
David Molden, Deputy Director for Research, International Water Management Institute (IWMI) [Video|Presentation|Executive Summary|Video interview]

– Virtual water trade and the potential gains for ACP countries
Tony Allan, School of Oriental and African Studies / King’s College London Water Issues Group  [Video|Presentation|Executive Summary|Video interview]

– Water scarcity and the right to food in the ACP context
Shiney Varghese, Senior Policy Analyst, IATP, United States. [Video|Presentation|Executive Summary|Video interview]

– Social justice in water: securing access to water for agricultural farmers from the South
Jean-Philippe Fontenelle, Director of Operations, Gret, France [Video|Presentation]

Dyborn Chibonga, NASFAM (could unfortunately not attend in person) [Presentation|Executive Summary]

– Panel 1 Debate 



Panel 2What policy options and future governance to secure water for all?



– What are the solutions to agricultural water management?
Charlotte de Fraiture, International Water Management Institute (IWMI)  [Video|Presentation|Executive summary]

– Water governance: policy and investment options for Africa
Elijah Phiri, Professor of Soil Science, University of Zambia, Africa and Leader of Pillar 1, Land and water management, NEPAD/CAADP [Video|Presentation|Executive summary|Video interview]

– Water footprint assessment: optimizing water use for social, environmental and economic benefits
Ruth Mathews, Executive Director of the Water Footprint Network  [Video|Presentation|Executive Summary|Video interview]

– Panel 2 Debate 


– André Liebaert, Water Policy Advisor, European Commission, DG DEVCO  [Video]
– Michael Hailu, Director CTA  [Video]

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