The twelth Brussels Development Briefing was held on 1st July 2009 (European Commission, Berlaymont Building) and dealt with “The Role of Livestock for ACP countries: challenges and opportunities ahead”. This Briefing discussed key issues on livestock for ACP countries and reviewed the role of livestock for ACP economies and the drivers of change.


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Welcome remarks
Marc Debois (DG Development, European Commission) [Presentation], Dr Hansjörg Neun (CTA)

Panel 1The role of livestock for ACP economies and the drivers of change
This session reviewed the key role that livestock play in most of ACP countries in terms of livelihoods, economic development, human nutrition and rural poverty alleviation. It will also identify emerging challenges such as the recent trends on livestock food demand, the accelerated (re)emergence of diseases affecting animals and humans, the climate change impact and the challenges to meet market quality requirements.

Chair: Eric Thys, Department of Animal Health/ITMA

– Trends and driving forces in livestock production and trade
 Dr Carlos Seré, Director General, ILRI [Executive Summary|Presentation]

– EC policy for imports of livestock and their products
Dr Howard Batho, Head of legislation sector, imports and OIE, DG Sanco [Executive Summary|Presentation]

– Addressing animal and human health constraints: a global and regional priority
Dr. Vittorio Cagnolati, Expert, AU/IBAR [Executive Summary|Presentation]

Panel 2Future policy challenges and opportunities for the ACP livestock sector
Given the rapidly growing demand for animal products and the important contribution of livestock to the ACP economies, what public and donor’s support is needed (investment and favorable policies) to stimulate regional trade in animal products? How can the livestock sector become an effective driving force in strengthening the regional market in animal products? What are the conditions under which ACP exporters can access EU and international markets? How to strengthen the complementarities between commercial and small-scale production?

Chair: H.E. Stephen Katenta-Apuli, Ambassador of Uganda

– Future trade and policy challenges for the livestock sector
Nancy Morgan, Livestock expert, the World Bank [Presentation]

– Responding to the growing demand of livestock products: challenges in livestock trade exports
Paul J. Strydom, General Manager, Meat Board of Namibia [Executive Summary|Presentation]

– Regional cooperation to stimulate livestock trade
Dr Francis Asiedu, CARDI [Executive Summary|Presentation]

– Thinking differently about Livestock
 Philippe Steinmetz, European Network on Livestock, ELIDEV [Executive Summary|Presentation]

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One thought on “12. Livestock

  1. What a job well done. It is my hope that Brussels Briefing will address the topical quest for a rewarding livestock marketing..

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