The CTA, in collaboration with the IICA , organised a Regional Caribbean Briefing from 16 – 18 of November in Grenada. The Briefing, in the format of an Agribusiness Forum, considered “Enhancing regional trade and adding value to Caribbean agrifood products

Building upon previous work of IICA and CTA and developing recommendations made at the agritourism investment seminar held at the Caribbean Week of Agriculture in October 2013 in Guyana, the Agribusiness Forum highlighted successes in strengthening links between agriculture and tourism industries.


  • Analyse the drivers of success through analysing some successful business models
  • Identify further opportunities for linking small-scale farmers to the tourism industry in the Caribbean and increase market linkages
  • Generate ideas for a regional project on sustainable sourcing by the tourism industry / supermarkets from small-scale farmers.

The two day meeting analysed and discussed a few selected successes in linking agriculture and tourism industry for improved market access and regional trade. The key players in these successes were invited. The drivers of success and their replicability were  analysed.


Background Note
Biodata of the Speakers
Biodata of the Chefs
ACP Secretariat Press Release
Picture Gallery

We invite you to watch the webstream recordings of the the Caribbean Agribusiness Forum from
– Monday 17th November

– Tuesday 18th November

Monday 17th November 2014

Chair: Shadel Nyack Compton, Managing Director, Belmont Estate

Opening remarks
– Ena Harvey, IICA Representative in Barbados & Management Coordinator for Caribbean region;
– Chris Addison, Senior Coordinator, Knowledge Management, CTA;
– Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Tourism [presentation]

Introductory Session : Adding value to Caribbean agrifood products
– Ena Harvey, Representative in Barbados & Management Coordinator for Caribbean region IICA;
– Juan Cheaz, Senior Programme Co-ordinator Agricultural Policy & Value Chains

Session 1: Opportunities for Caribbean farmers in processed foods for tourism-related markets
Moderator: Jethro Greene, CAFAN
The Caribbean as a food tourism destination
Gail Henry, Sustainable Tourism product Specialist, Caribbean Tourism Organisation [presentation]
Challenges and opportunities in the agribusiness sector in the region
Vassel Stewart, President, Caribbean AgriBusiness Association (CABA) [presentation]
Opportunities in agri-processed foods for the region
Samuel Kruiner, Special Advisor on Export Development, Caribbean Export Development Agency [presentation]|[executive summary]
Transport, warehousing and pricing
Beverly Johnson, JLB International Ltd, Jamaica and United Kingdom [presentation]
Challenges and opportunities from the supplying industry
Donald Keith Amiel, Corporate Affairs Manager, Caribbean Broilers (Ja.) Ltd,  [presentation]
Sylburn Thomas Regional Export and Marketing Manager, Caribbean Broilers Jamaica [presentation]
Developing market opportunities for Jamaican products and promoting trade shows 
Berletta Henlon Forrester, Manager, Market Development, Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) [presentation]
Agribusiness and agritourism: support from UNIDO
Dessima Williams, Senior advisor, UNIDO

Session 2: Linking agriculture and tourism: Learning from successes

Case 1: Antigua and Barbuda: TFPC-CaFAN Bridging the Gap Project  [presentation]

– Acres Stowe, Private Sector Marketing
– Caudley Ge‎orge, Agro-tourism Officer, Ministry of Tourism
– Damion Barrette, Purchasing and Warehouse Officer at Galley Bay Resort & Spa
– Pamella Thomas, Farmer, Director and Agriculture Coordinator, CaFAN
– Richie Richards, Youth Farmer

Moderator: Vassel Stewart, CABA

Case 2: Belmont Estate, Grenada: From a plantation to an agritourism business

– Shadel Nyack Compton, Managing Director, Belmont Estate
– Simon Greene, General Manager, Public Relations & Communications [presentation]
– Magarita McDonald, Grenada Chocolate Company [presentation]
– Christine Curry, The Dairy Goat producers [presentation]

Case 3: Sandals Foundation, Jamaica [presentation]

– Sydney Henry, Projects Manager Sandals Foundation
– Xavier Charvis Marketing Extension Officer (Westmoreland) Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA)
– Mikhail Josephs, Procurement manager, Sandals La Source

Case 4: De La Grenade, Grenada: Linking agro-food products to tourism markets [presentation]

– Monique Noel , Manager, De La Grenade Industries, Grenada-Agro processor
– Airline Caterer – Managing Director Goddards Catering, Joe Simon
– Farmer- Fanilla Benjamin supplier of Nutmeg pods to De La Grenade Industries
– Hotelier – Barry Collymore, Marketing Director, Mt. Cinnamon Resort

 Feedback from the field visit
This session will allow participants to give feedback on the field trips and interact with the owners and managers of the business visited.

Shadel Nyack Compton, Managing Director, Belmont Estate
Monique Noel , Manager, De La Grenade Industries, Grenada

Top Chef’s Dinner : From farm to table
Chef Dane Saddler, Chef Dennis McIntosh and Chef Shereen Holas will prepare a fabulous dinner at Sail restaurant in St. Georges.
Chefs are a critical actors in the agrifood chain. Succeeding in upgrading farmers supply chains to larger hotels and resorts and increasing demand for local products will be done largely through support from chefs who can creatively utilize local food in the top restaurants and hotels in the region and promote traditional cuisine.

Tuesday 18th November 2014

Session 2: Learning from successes

Moderator: Ena Harvey, IICA
– Short summary of Day 1 [presentation]

Case 5: Haiti: Hydroponics to serve the tourist markets [presentation]

– Jean-François Regis, Agronomist, Notre-Dame University, Les Cayes
– Jacqueline Benoît, Vice-President Marketing, Jardins Hydroponiques d’Haïti
– Pierre François Benoît, President, Jardins Hydroponiqes d’Haïti

Case 6: The Chefs: the link between sustainable tourism, agriculture and cuisine

– Chef Dennis McIntosh, Executive Chef, President, Culinary Federation of Jamaica [presentation]
– Organic farmer, St Thomas area, Blue mountains, Jamaica
– Chef Dane Saddler, Executive Chef, Caribbean Villa Chefs, Barbados [presentation]

Case 7: A partnership between government, donor and tourism industry

– Jethro Greene, Chief Coordinator, Caribbean Farmers Network (CaFAN) and Cleve Scott Project Officer CAFAN Barbados
– Dunstan Demille, Perishables Manager, Consolidated Foods Limited (CFL), St Lucia
– James Paul, Government, Chief Executive Officer, Barbados Agriculture Society

Moderator: Kevon Rhiney, University Of The West Indies

Case 8: When farms get together to serve the different segments of the tourism market

– Dorienne Rowan-Campbell, Rowan’s Royale Organic Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee [presentation]
– Donna Noble, Woodford Farmer’s Market, Jamaica [presentation]
– Lisa Binns, Zionites Farm, Jamaica [presentation]|[factsheet]
– Donaldson Bernard, The Riogran Health Farm, Jamaica [presentation]

Final session: The way forward

Building upon the work of the two days, this session in groups will come up with top actions in key areas which could be implemented in 2015-2020 with strategic partnerships.
1 hour maximum WG session and 30mn to report in plenary.









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