Linked to the Brussels Development Briefing on Agricultural resilience, our partners in Haiti – PROMODEV – have decided to replicate some of the Briefings on priority areas for Haiti looking at the topics through a national lens.
The first of the Development Briefings in Haiti – “Agricultural resilience in the face of crisis and shocks” – was held in Tabarre on 27 February 2013, where 80-90 participants were present. It examined topics such as: agricultural resilience, local vulnerabilities and local solutions.
This was a partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture, CARICOM, IICA and FAO, in addition to the ACP Group and the EU.

CTA Brussels met with Talot Bertrand, Secretary General of PROMODEV shortly after the Development Briefing to discuss the role of agriculture in building resilience, and possible solutions for easing the impact of natural disasters on small holder farmers. To watch the VIDEO published on CTA Brussels weblog click here or see below:

For more information on on the Haitian Development Briefing on Resilience, see the Haitian Development Briefings site at the following address:

Presentations & Videos:

The video registration of the entire briefing can be viewed online here.

In addition, you can consult below the presentations given at the event, by clicking on the word “presentation” corresponding to each individual panelist.

Briefing Haiti- Programme

You can consult below the presentations of the speakers:

Panel 1: Approaches to boost agricultural resilience in Haiti

  • Dr Jean André Victor, Environmentalist : The resilience of Haitian agriculture in the face of crises and shocks [Presentation]
  • Jocelyn Louissant : Climate change and reduction of poverty [Presentation]

Panel 2: Experiences and lessons learned from Haitian country people: Promotion of experiences for local sustainable production and marketing

  • Fremiot Nicolas, Agricultural Technician with RACPABA (Network of Cooperative Associations for the Production and Commercialisation of Lower Artibonite- Réseau des Associations Coopératives pour la Commercialisation et la Production Agricole du Bas Artibonite) : Conservation and sustainable management of soils and natural resources (fertility of soils, water, land, etc.) [Presentation]
  • Rosenel Jean Baptiste, Tèt Kole Ti Peyizan Ayisyen : Resilient agriculture, in front of shocks (AGRIKILTI REZILYANT ANFAS KRIZ AK CHOK YO) [Presentation]

Panel 3: Response of development partners to natural disasters and vulnerability

  • Allain Thermil-IICA: Response of development partners, against natural disasters and vulnerabilities [Presentation]
  • Agr. Allen Henry, BON-UE : Actions within Haiti-EU cooperation in natural disasters management [Presentation]
  • Ing. Steven Rault, EU Delegation, Haiti : EU’s actions in Haiti [Presentation]
  • Agr. Volny Pautre, FAO : Challenges of technical assistance in the agricultural sector in Haiti [Presentation]

Panel 4: The impact of climate change on rural development

  • Audalbert Bien-Aimé, Faculté d’Agronomie et de Médecine Vétérinaire – Faculty of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine (FAMV) : Haiti, from cataclysms to disasters: 2012 and climate change, the threat of serious drought – What can be done? [Presentation]
  • Harmel Cazeau : Impact of recent crises and shocks on food security in Haiti [Presentation]
  • Agr. Joseph Felix, Agronomist and community development specialist : Factoring in risk management and adaptation to climate change for a resilient agriculture [Presentation]

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