In this section, you may find the latest press coverage on the topic of the ‘Policy setting for improved linkages between agriculture, trade and tourism’ Workshop organised by the Government of Vanuatu and CTA in collaboration with IICA and PIPSO which took place in  Port-Vila, Vanuatu, 25-27 May 2016

Vanuatu seeking irresistible brand
Vanuatu Daily Post, Tues 7 June 2016

Director General of the Ministry of Trade, Marokon Alilee, has told stakeholders at the start of a Vanuatu Branding Workshop on May 31st that “we have to become irresistible” in order to sell our products. The DG made the call when he launched the daylong workshop at the Melanesian Hotel, to get feedback from the audience present to develop a country branding proposal for Vanuatu. The DG said the Vanuatu Government has created the perfect platform to make the most of an overarching country branding initiative. “Our strategy to promote Vanuatu is dependent on a clear identity and positioning that is differentiated from our competitors,” the DG said. [Read More]

Policy setting for improved linkages between agriculture, trade and tourism
Vanuatu Daily Post, Sat 4 June 2016

Ministry of Agriculture’s Director General, Howard Aru, wishes to see a far stronger collaboration between Agriculture, Tourism and Health Ministries of Vanuatu in driving forward not only the agriculture and tourism linkages, but also the health and nutritional aspects to combat the epidemic of non communicable diseases (NCDs) that are mercilessly killing the lives of the Vanuatu people today. The Director General made his wish known at a three-day policy setting workshop for improved linkages between Vanuatu’s agriculture, trade and tourism was held in Port-Vila last week, which attracted over 60 stakeholders and experts representing the agriculture, tourism and health sectors from Vanuatu and the wider Pacific region. The workshop represented months of committed organisation by the Government of Vanuatu and the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, in collaboration with the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation and Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture. Minister of Agriculture, Matai Seremaiah, in his closing remarks, expressed his “sincere belief that outcomes of this workshop will assist the Government to refocus our policy objectives in order to address key linkages between other primary sectors in order that we derive maximum benefits from Tourism Development”. “Agri-Tourism provides an excellent opportunity not only for broadening our tourism base by diversifying the visitor experience, but also offers the potential for sustainable and healthy farm experiences and eating healthy food.” [Read More]

Agritourism Policy Setting Workshop starts today
Vanuatu Daily Post, Issue #: 4793, Wed 25 May 2016, page 5

The Government of Vanuatu and the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), in collaboration with the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisations (PIPSO) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) will organise a workshop on policy options to strengthen the local agrifood sector and promote healthy food in agritourism in Vanuatu. This event builds on the success of the first ever Agribusiness Forum which took place in Fiji last July. Tourism has the potential to stimulate Vanuatu’s agricultural sector, strengthen local producers and increase sustainable economic growth. The workshop will discuss the opportunities the tourism sector can bring to agriculture and trade, particularly as a stimulus for higher quality and more competitive agribusiness production. To achieve this, a conducive policy needs to be in place which promotes cross-sectoral linkages between agriculture, trade, tourism and health policies. A diverse range of stakeholders and experts from the tourism, agriculture and development sectors will consider proposals for successfully realizing synergies between Vanuatu’s agricultural, health and tourism economies. [Read More]