Samoa Agritourism Policy Setting Worskhop 2016

Linking Agriculture and Tourism through Policy setting:
Strengthening the local agrifood sector and promoting agritourism

logos-samoa-apsw-2016Workshop organised by the Government of Samoa and CTA
in collaboration with PIPSO

Apia, Samoa, 13-16 December 2016

Tourism is the lifeblood of many Pacific economies and agritourism provides a promising avenue for diversification and trade growth. High quality, nutritious and healthy food, available every day of the year, is critical to hotels, lodges and resorts. Often the food purchasing bill of a tourism site is large in comparison to the size of the local economy, yet surprisingly little of this is spent locally, even when supplies are available from farmers, fishermen and small-scale agribusinesses. The challenges of shifting food-sourcing to local suppliers are considerable – achieving this in a way that meets commercial needs and customer preferences and meets food and safety requirements would be one way in which tourism operations can significantly increase their contribution to local economic development. Linkages between agriculture, health and tourism not only potentially increase opportunities for domestic agriculture earnings, new markets and product development and therefore sustainable economic growth, but also offer opportunities to help develop visitor attractions and distinctive tourism destination brands through the creative use and marketing of local produce and production techniques, and use of local landscapes. In order to acquire these benefits, the tourism industry needs to be proactive in utilizing local, high quality, healthy and niche agricultural products in touristic sites and events. Opportunities in Samoa include a clean and green environment with limited use of agrochemicals and fertilizers and a significant recognised organic production, a climate suited to year-round production, sea and air freight linkages, a strong policy support towards increased support to agriculture and investment; and a growing tourism sector that creates new opportunities for high-value food products.



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– Linking agriculture and tourism in Samoa


Background Note & Programme 


Biodata of Speakers

Additional materials:

Samoa Agricultural Survey, 2015

FAO: Agriculture & Tourism Linkages in Pacific Island Countries, 2012

Financial Services Sector Assessment for Samoa

Agriculture Sector Plan 2016-2020

Samoa Tourism Sector Plan 2014-2019

Samoa Business Activity Survey Report, 2013

Case Study on Industrial Innovation in the Pacific Islands



Tuesday 13th December 2016

15.00 pm      Ava Ceremony

15.30 pm       Welcoming function

Prayer Reverend Afamasaga Moutofu Fuimaono   
Hon. Prime Minister Opening Address

*Light Refreshments and Entertainment*

 18.30 pm      Night Ends

 Wednesday 14th December 2016

8:00 am-9:00 am     Registration

9.00 am – 11.30 am Panel 1: Policy Forum: Regional perspective on opportunities/ experiences to support Agritourism development and investment      

 This panel will discuss the current policies and frameworks in support of agriculture and tourism which also promote the private sector development in the Pacific both at commercial and small-scale levels. It will build upon the recommendations of the 2nd Pacific Agribusiness Forum held in Apia.

Moderator: Isolina Boto, CTA


– Sakiusa Tubuna, IFAD [presentation
– Mereia Volavola, CEO, PIPSO  [presentation
– Kelera Cavuilati, Acting Executive Officer, SPTO  [presentation
– Afuamua Lafaele Enoka, National Co-ordinator of the Samoa Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Project (SACEP)  [presentation
– Afamasaga Toleafoa, PIFON 
– Yvette Kerslake, Programme Manager, UNDP  [presentation
– Ian Buck, ADB  [presentation]
– Jimmy HatierConsultant [presentation]

10.45 am Questions & Answers

11.30 am-13.30 pm Panel 2: Mainstreaming national policies to promote opportunities in Agritourism and Agribusiness to enhance actions towards the achievement of national objectives

 This panel will clearly highlight each government agency policies and frameworks in addressing Agribusiness and Agritourism opportunities. This will address how the Government Agencies will link and coordinate strategies and programmes that prompts Agritourism and Agribusiness development.

Moderator: H.E. Fatumanava Paolelei Luteru, Samoa Ambassador to the EU


– Ministry of Health Director General & CEO, Leausa Toleafoa Dr. Take Naseri on Nutritional Frameworks
– Ministry of Agriculture CEO, on the Development of Agritourism as a means to enhance Agribusiness [presentation]
– Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment CEO, Suluimalo Mr. Amataga Penaia on opportunities in linkages to tourism 

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– Samoa Tourism Authority CEO, Papalii Matatamalii Mrs. Sonja Hunter on Bridging Tourism Development to the Agriculture Sector [presentation]
– Ministry of Commerce, Industries & Labour CEO, Pulotu Mr. Lyndon ChuLing on the Opportunities in developing the Agritourism [presentation]
– Ministry of Women, Social Community & Development CEO, Naea Mrs. Beth Onesemo on Linking communities to the benefits of Agritourism 

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13.00 pm                             Questions & Answers

13.30 pm – 14.10 pm         Lunch

14.15 pm –  16.00 pm        Panel 3: Linking agriculture and tourism

 The session will explore various models of agriculture that are beneficial for the tourism experiential and niche market segments (Tours, Culinary, Organic Ingredients, Spa and Wellness)

Moderator:  Edwin Tamasese, Managing Director of the Tamasese Farm and Soil Health Pacific Ltd


– Ah Liki Farms, on Current development and future prospects linking agritourism [presentation]
– Wilex Chocolate, Managing Director Tagaloa Mr. Eddie Wilson on Enhancing the variety of Value Added Products for a successful enterprising Samoa.
– Women In Business Development Inc. CEO, Ms. Adimaimalaga Tafunai on Organic products Farm to table initiative and enhancing the quality culinary healthy options [presentation]
– Misiluki Spa Products, Managing Director, Lufilufi Rasmussen on lasting beauty care and enhancements [presentation]
– Va-i-Moana Resort and Vaai Cocoa Plantation Managing Director, Saleimoa Vaai on Agritourism opportunities enhancing business yields and passion in Agritourism [presentation]

15.45 pm – 17.00 pm       Working groups on linking agriculture, tourism and health to identify key elements of the strategy/policy on Agritourism and proposed actions.

 17.00 pm Day 1 Ends

 Thursday 15th December 2016

9.00 am – 9.15 am       Summary Day 1     

 9.20 am – 13.00 pm    Panel 3: Partnerships in addressing tourism-related markets

This session will build upon the successes and cooperation of the Private Sector in establishing a multisector approach in an Agritourism policy that will strengthen linkages between the agriculture, tourism, environment, trade and health sectors.

Moderator: Pulotu Lyndon, CEO Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour


– Samoa Hotel Association CEO, Ms. Alexandra Mauli-Rankin addressing Agritourism links to Hotel and Accommodation Development [presentation]
– METI – Matuaileoo Environment Trust Inc. Managing Director, Dr. Vermullen on Agritourism opportunities to the Health and Development of Communities [presentation
– SAME (Samoa Association of Manufacturers and Exporters) President, Tagaloa Mr. Eddie Wilson on the importance of Agribusiness and Agritourism to the development of Import Substitution Products [presentation]
– Samoa Farmers Association President; Toleafoa Mr. Faamatala Afamasaga
– Samoa Culinary Association President, Mr. Joe Lam on the Culinary experience in Samoa and its significance to Agritourism
– Samoa Chamber of Commerce CEO, Mr. Hobart Vaai on Agritourism and Agribusiness Investment Prospects [presentation]

11.00 am Questions & Answers

11.30 am – 13.00 pm Strengthening the chain actors in serving the tourism markets and branding the country as quality food destination

ModeratorTagaloa Eddie Wilson, President of SAME & Managing Director of Wilex Investments


– STA Marketing & Promotions Manager, Mr. Dwayne Bentley on Trends in the tourism Industry and factors influencing tourist choice of holiday destination and the influence of food. Branding the country as a quality food destination [presentation]
– STA Planning & Development Manager, Faamatuainu Mr. Suifua Faamatuainu on Tourism Development and Linking Agriculture to enhancing the Visitor Experience in Agritourism [presentation]
– Samoa Culinary Association Vice President Mr. Michael Hardy on Transforming local ingredients into international recognised cuisine and the importance of Quality supply and JIT systems
– Edwin Tamasese Opportunities to replace imported fruits and vegetables 

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– Scientific Research of Samoa Development of Value Added Food and Non-Food Products for the Tourism Industry [presentation]

13.00 pm-13.45 pm    Lunch

14.00 pm                   Field trip

– Ah Liki Farm Taimalie Mr. Charlie Westerland TBC
– Tamasese Farm Edwin Tamasese TBC
– UNDP- Key hole farming Mikaele Maiava

15.30 pm – 17.00 pm          Group Discussions on linking the Sectors and the Annual Work Plans for the Collective Achievement of Heath, Agriculture and Tourism Objectives.

 Friday 16th September 2016

9.00 am – 9.15 am     Summary Day 2

9.15 am – 11.30 am    Panel 4: Agribusiness Financing: Innovative financial Solutions to support Agritourism and Agribusiness

This session focuses on exploring opportunities for the Private Sector in debt financing of Agritourism development for commercial and subsistence farmers.

Moderator: Meraia Volavola, CEO Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation


– Development Bank of Samoa CEO, Ms. Susana Laulu on financing Agritourism development  [presentation]
– Small Business Enterprise Center CEO, Mr. Alatina Ioelu on opportunities for small business entrepreneurs  [presentation]
– Samoa Commercial Bank Managing Director, Lemalu Mr. Ray Westerlund on Small Development Loan Scheme for the Low Income Earners (S.D.L.S.)
– Bank of the South Pacific CEO, Maryann Lameko-Vaai on funding Agrotourism
– Asian Development Bank Consultant Mr. Ian Buck on accessing financial opportunities in Agritourism development  [presentation]

11.30 am         Questions & Answers

12.00 pm ­– 13.30 pm Developing the Agritourism Policy Framework

Based on previous contributions and discussions in working groups, this session will look at the main elements to establish an Agritourism policy. It will provide actionable recommendations for short, long and medium term.

13.30 pm -14:30 pm Lunch

14:30 pm -15.00 pm  ­Wrap up session – CEO STA / CTA

15:00 pm – 16:30 pm Regional Coordinators Closed Meeting

 18.00 pm   Closing Networking Reception Coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries Sector Plan Working Group SPO3, STA and Members of the Private Sector. (At the Samoa Cultural Village Fale)