Regional Policy Setting Workshop: Improved Linkages Between Agriculture, Trade and Tourism:
Strengthening the Local Agrifood Sector and Promoting Healthy Food in Agritourism

Workshop organised by the Technical Centre of Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA),
IFAD, PIPSO, SPTO and The Pacific Community

1st and 2nd April, 2019, Nadi, Fiji


Background note and Programme

Field Trip – Industry Visit


-”Food seen as new tourism fuel”, The National, 02/04/2019


Monday 1st April 2019

8h30-9h00 Registration

9h00-9h30 Opening Address – Francois Martel, Secretary General Pacific Islands Development Programme
Followed by group photo

9h30-11h Session 1: Setting the scene: Agritourism Development in the Pacific

: Alisi Tuqa (PIPSO)

Key Note Address: Ambassador Roy Mickey Joy, Director General Trade of Vanuatu Ministry of Trade – Agritourism Development in the Pacific – linkages to Trade and the importance of the Support of the EU and ACP (15mins)

– Promoting Agritourism Development in ACP Small Island Developing States
Ms Isolina Boto, Manager – CTA Brussels (10mins) [presentation]

– Branding the Pacific as Delicious Food Destinations
Ms Christina Gale, SPTO – 10mins [presentation]

– Strengthening the Linkages of Farmers and Hotels Industry – Fiji Case Study
Mr Alika Cooper, IFC – 10mins

– Supporting Agribusiness and Farmers to Reduce Importation
Stephen Hazelman, Agricultural Extension Officer & PoetCom Coordinator – SPC (10mins) [presentation]

– Update on PARDI Regional Agritourism Initiative
Marita Manley, Pacific Agribusiness Research for Development Initiative [presentation]


11h00 -11h30 Morning Tea Break

11h30-13h  Session 2: Agritourism Development – linkages between national and regional developments

: Isolina Boto (CTA)

– Regional Strategies in Building the Agriculture and Fishing Industries and its connection to the Tourism Industry

• Moses Amos – Director General, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries – Vanuatu [presentation]
• Lita Pita – Resort Owner – Afetelina Island Resort, Tuvalu [presentation]
• Ms Dawn Gibson – Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality, University of the South Pacific [presentation]
Mr John Magnifico, CEO, Solved (Fiji) Pte [presentation]


13h00 – 14h15 Lunch Break

14h15-15h30 Session 3: Agritourism Development at National level

This session will hear about work being undertaken in various countries on agritourism and the actions being undertaken to strengthen the needed linkages with other sectors such as agriculture and trade. Furthermore, each country to outline what some key challenges are and where they see opportunity to leverage off and/or through regional level support and interventions for local growth.

Moderator: Mr Stephen Hazelman (SPC)

Country representatives (Government, Private Sector et al) get together for 20 to 30 minutes to discuss and consolidate thoughts/positions on agribusiness/agritourism developments and impact. Then each group can share/present this back to plenary.

National Country Updates and Areas for Regional Support:
– Samoa, Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands
– Tonga, Tuvalu, Cook Islands, Kiribati, PNG
– Regional agencies & partners group

15h30-17h00  Session 4: Support Services & Capacities Development for Agritourism

This session will discuss various key components to building food tourism and festivals and how to strengthen the linkages between agribusiness and the tourism industry

Moderator: Mereia Volavola (Consultant)

– Building Value Chain Supply to increase farmers production and quality of products
PIFON – Kyle Stice/ Lavenia Kaumaitotoya (10mins) [presentation]

– How APTC is supporting private sector and the agritourism industry and opportunities to build on this
Mr Jovesa Saladoka, APTC Country Director – Fiji and Tuvalu [presentation]

– Regional Support to Build Capacity of Value Addition of Products and Food Certifications
Ms Apiame Cegumalua, HACCP Expert [presentation]

– Chefs Capacity Building – How and Where to?
Mssrs Greg Cornwall & Colin Chung, Pacific Resorts Consultants [presentation]

– Creating New Value in Agriculture Supply Chain using Blockchain Technology
Kenneth Katafono, CEO Traseable Ltd [pre-recorded ppt]

– Takarua Booklet – Feast of the Cook Islands
Chef Rangi Mitaera-Johnson [Presentation]

Break to get afternoon tea and back to session


End of Session on Day One

Tuesday 2nd April, 2019


Lunch will be served as we return to the hotel.
Afternoon session to resume after lunch.

Facilitator: Mereia Volavola with PIPSO and CTA

14h30-16h30 Group activities/working sessions: Identification of Regional Agritourism Policy Consideration and Priority Developments

Key elements of the regional strategies and proposed actions. Identify 3 or 4 key areas for priority development and support and we will workshop these concepts.

16h30-16h45 Forward Agenda: what happens next

Workshop closes