Cook Islands Agritourism Policy Setting Workshop 2018

Policy Setting for Improved Linkages Between Agriculture, Trade and Tourism:
Strengthening the Local Agrifood sector and Promoting Healthy Food in Agritourism

Workshop Programme Organised by the Government of Cook Islands
In collaboration with and Pacific Community, CTA, PIPSO and SPTO

Rarotonga, Cook Islands, 25-26th September 2018


Workshop Report/ Outcomes 


Tuesday 25th September 2018

8h30-9h00   Registration

9h00-9h15   Opening Address

Patrick Arioka – Associate Minister of Agriculture

Address from CTA – Mereia Volavola

Housekeeping and introductions by the Moderator – Stephen Lyon

9h 15-11h Session 1: Setting the scene: what do we know about opportunities to support linkages between agriculture, health and tourism

This session will set the scene on the opportunities that the tourism sector can bring and the needed linkages with other sectors such as agriculture and trade. It will look at successful models in other parts of the world and what could of interest to Cook Islands agritourism policy.

Moderator: Cook Islands ( Potential names to be provided by Cook Islands Counterparts)

– Setting the scene:  Agritourism Development, Current Status and Opportunities  for Cook Islands
William Wigmore – Cook Islands Ministry of Agriculture 

– Global trends and evolution of agritourism and food tourism
Mereia Volavola – for CTA [presentation]

– Tourism Opportunities for Development in Cook Islands
Chris Cocker – CEO, SPTO [presentation]

– Agribusiness Development in Cook Islands
Teresa Manarangi-Trott – Cook Islands Chamber of Commerce [presentation]

11h00-11h15 Coffee Break

11h15-13h00: Session 2: Cook Islands Context: Opportunities for Agritourism Development

This session will look at the Cook Islands context.  It aims at reaching a better common understanding of the opportunities in agritourism in Cook Islands. It will assess the situation in the key areas important to set up an agritourism policy.

Moderator: Cook Islands (potential names to be provided by Cook Islands counterparts)

– Overview of tourism development and opportunities for greater connection with the agriculture industry at policy level
Halatoa Fua – Cook Islands Tourism Corporation [presentation]

– Overview of main agricultural and fisheries fresh and processed products with potential for the tourism-related markets an exports
Stephen Hazelman – SPC Rep 

– Developing the Tourism Market for Cook Islands – What is currently being done and future opportunities?
Metua Vaiimene – Cook Islands Tourism Corporation [presentation]

13h00-14h00 Lunch

14h00-16h00 Session 3: Identification of priority Areas for Development for Agribusiness and Agritourism

14h00 – 16h00  Identification of Priority Areas for development and support for Agribusiness and Agritourism Development

This session will discuss key areas in agribusiness and agritourism that are priority for development support and present specific examples of what can work and already identified in the Cook Islands Agriculture Sector Plan. Furthermore to identify how development support can be better tailored in the local context.

– Agribusiness key priority areas for support
Ewan Smith – Local grower [presentation]

– Opportunities for support to build quality seafood supplies
TBC – Cook Islands Ministry of Marine Resources

– Developing Agritourism Attractions, Tours and Handicrafts
Stan Wolfgram – Te Ara Museum

16h00-17h30    Session 4  Working groups

Break out into groups and discuss each of the 3 areas to identify key elements of the strategy/policy on agritourism and proposed actions. Identify 3 or 4 key areas for priority development and support

Wednesday 26th September, 2018

9h00-13h15       Session 5: Promoting Agritourism through Value Addition, Value Chains and Safety standards 


– Building Sustainable Value Chain for Agritourism – What needs to be done?
Kylie Stice/ Lavenia Kaumaitotoya, PIFON

– Supporting Farmers and Farmers Organisations
Don Buchanan – Growers Association

– Product Development (Value Additions), Market Access and Food Safety Standards/Certifications
Apiame Cegumalua – HACCP Australia Expert [presentation]

– Value adding through product development
Robert Wyllie – Rito Cook Islands [presentation]

11h00-11h15    Coffee Break

11h15 – 13h15  Session 6: Chefs for Development: the link between agriculture & cuisine

This session will look at the role of chefs and the hospitality sector in stimulating demand of local products and its use by chefs. It will share experiences from other regions.

– Building Food Tourism in Cook Islands – Why it is important and what can be done?
Greg Cornwall 

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– Sourcing Local Food by the Chefs – Challenges and Opportunities
Chef Rangi Mitaera-Johnson [presentation]

– Promoting Food festivals and Food celebrations – Would Cook Islands be looking at this opportunity?
Rep from the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Commerce 

– Challenges and Opportunities for Farmers & Farmers Organisations
Speaker from the Farmers Organisations in Cook Islands 

13h15-14h15    Lunch Break

14h30-16h00     Session 7: Identification agritourism Policy Consideration and Priority Developments – Group Presentations

Key elements of the strategy/policy on agritourism and proposed actions. Identify 3 key areas for priority development and support

16h00 Conclusion—Moderator provides concluding remarks focusing on agreed future actions

Presentation by Cook Islands Business Trade Investment Board

Sustainable Agriculture for Agritourism Development in the Cook Islands (POETCom)

Development of Agri-Tourism in the Pacific (PIPSO)