European Development Days 2017

“Promoting inclusive trade in Africa”

Boosting cross border trade through simplified trade regimes

15:15 to 16:30 | Room D3 | Thursday, June 8, 2017 | Theme: Trade and fair globalisation

– Programme and Background Note
– Biodata

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Stefano Manservisi, Director General, for International Cooperation and Development Director-General European Commission/Devco
Koen Doens, Director East and Southern Africa and ACP coordination, European Commission – DG for International Cooperation and Development
Frank Matsaert, CEO, Trademark East Africa
Hermogene Nsangimana, CEO of the African Organisation for Standardisation (ARSO)
Janet K. Ngombalu, Regional Programme Coordinator, Eastern African Grain Council (EAGC)

Moderator: Isolina Boto, Manager Brussels Office, CTA

Organisers: CTA, ACP-EU TradeCom II Programme and ACP-EU TBT Programme




African Agricultural Trade Status Report 2017 
– Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Africa global trade patterns
Chapter 3. Regional trade patterns
Chapter 4. Competitiveness of African agricultural exports
Chapter 5. Determinants of African agricultural exports
Chapter 7. West Africa trade outlook: business as usual vs alternative options
Chapter 8. Summary and conclusions