The last Brussels Development Briefing on the ‘Revolutionising finance for agri-value chains’ was held on Wednesday 5 March 2014 at the ACP Secretariat, in Brussels. It was organized by the Technical Centre for Agriculture (CTA), together with the DG Development and Cooperation of the European Commission (EC/DEVCO), the ACP Secretariat and the European NGO confederation for Relief and Development, Concord.
More than 140 participants discussed key role of finance for value chain development and emphasized the innovations in financial instruments and service.
The Briefing looked at finance as a key driver for value chain development and discussed the concept of agricultural value chain finance, new opportunities for financiers, and the new context of value chain finance in Africa – including the development of ICTs that support innovative applications. It examined the innovations in financial instruments and services and presented concrete examples of more current applications on the ground which demonstrate the potential of value chain finance for shaping African agriculture.
In case you have missed it, the video recording is available here. On the page of the 35th Briefing, you may find the full programme of the event, a background research, the presentations of the speakers, the photos taken during the panels, as well as other useful information.
This event marked the 35th edition of the Brussels Development Briefings – a regular event organized in Brussels by CTA – in collaboration with the European Commission, the ACP Group, and other partners – on key issues and challenges for rural development in the context of EU/ACP cooperation.

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