What did participants at the July Briefing think of the discussions? We asked a few for their reactions.

Ambassador Brave Ndisale of Malawi chaired the second Panel of the briefing. She found the briefing very useful to provide clarity on policies and practices of new actors in development, especially China. She also underlined that Africa has a lot to learn from the experience of China and India. Further, she reminded us how coordination among donors can be fostered when the ownership of development processes stays at national level: her country represents a success story in this sense.

Lucy Hayes of Eurodad [see video] found the discussions on Africa and China particularly interesting. Moreover, the discussion on aid and agriculture is timely. It is time we made better use of the money now available, building from what is there and ensuring bottom-up solutions.

Amadou Diallo (NEPAD) stressed the relevance of the subjects covered in the discussions , these help us better understand the initiatives of different actors and the various drivers behind these processes. Further, he underlined the value of the Briefings in providing a platform for dialogue, exchange and debate for harmonisation and coordination of different development policies. He encouraged the organisers to continue this initiative in Brussels, perhaps also launching similar activities in Africa.

(interview in French)

Joseph Coompson [see video], Chief Agricultural Economist at the African Development Bank expained that the AfDB is coordinating a task force looking into the division of labour among donors to Africa’s agricultural sector.

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