Together with the European Commission’s Lluis Riera, Mr. Olusola Ojo of the ACP Secretariat opened the 4th Brussels Development Briefing.

Both commentators underlined the dangers of climate change, and the need to take immediate and effective action. The Brussels Briefings are an invaluable opportunity to bring multiple stakeholders at one discussion table.

Mr. Olusola Ojo underlined that climate change has reached the peak of interest today, it is of utmost urgency and importance that we address it, because if we sit at our hands, climate change will have dramatic consequences. If action is not taken now, agriculture in ACP countries will be reduced by 50% in 2020, due to climate change. Temperature increases threaten to reduce water resources leading to drought and desertification which ultimately endangers food security. Not only water stress, but also mass migration, or the extension of the malaria belt, are other anticipated consequences of climate change.

Thus, while we have multiple motivations to take fast and efficient actions to combat climate change, there is no consensus on what has to be done by whom. We need effective multi-stakeholder discussions to identify priorities and areas of intervention.

Some important steps towards an effective strategy may include information and communication activities, the mobilisation of funding, regional cooperation and the integration of climate change concerns into all policy areas.

Mr. Lluis Riera highlighted the recently-launched ‘Global Climate Change Alliance’ which is intended to be a major tool in the fight against global warming. In this respect, both speakers paid tribute to the importance of the briefing as a way to get multiple stakeholders at the discussion table and to help identify common strategies and approaches. Indeed, Mr. Riera has become a “real fan” of the briefings.

See more from the 13 February briefing

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